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Cryogenic Freezer-CFQ  
  Product features and specifications
   The world first freezer which makes maximum cryogenic -156°C without liquid nitrogen
 Application of cryogenic cooling system (Auto cascade system) registered to the international patent
 Use of CFC-free special mixed refrigerants which OPERON Co., Ltd developed
 Application of aerodynamically designed pan wings equipped with
   huge capacity and high performance
 Hermetic compressor for LBP with excellent performance
 CE certification product for preserving cell
 Non scaling stainless chamber and round corner design for easy cleaning
 Use of 200mm high density urethane insulating
   materials to minimize cold air loss
 Chamber mold and double door with elegant design
 Strong structure frame and impact resistant powder coating finishing
 Filter cover for easy cleaning
 Chest type cabinet structure
 Temperature for hard condition resistant test +32°C
 Temperature measuring sensor: platinum PT-100Ω
   (Class A 0.15 grade)
 Prevention of frost with Rim Heating system
 RS-232 Data port and Interface which is available
   for store, control and monitor temperature data
   via user's PC

Economic efficiency It is available only with
the lower cost electronic
Expensive liquid nitrogen tank
and the liquid nitrogen should
be supplemented consistently.
Safety It is safer from pollutants.
When blackout, it secures safety with BACK UP SYSTEM if the tempera-
ture goes up.
It has a risk to be contaminated
by bacteria or fungi inside
the tank
Accuracy Temperature difference between the upper part
and the lower part inside
is ±5°C, so the tempera-
ture is more even.
The temperature of the lower
part inside the tank is -196°C,
and the upper part is -70°C.
The temperature difference
is huge. This has a significant
impact on viability of stem cell.
Internal space can be used
efficiently for keeping samples, and it is simple
to perform work.
Rack for keeping samples is
very inconvenient for sample
work because of the liquid
nitrogen tank’s structure, and
it is difficult to use the space
inside the tank efficiently.

[References for reliability evaluation of Korean Institute of Machinery & Materials]
Stem cell needs long-term
preservation for 10~20 years.

It's been stated on various
papers that cell preservation
using liquid nitrogen has lots
of problems.
OPERON products resolved
the above problems perfectly.

[References for reliability evaluation of cryogenic technology research center affiliated to OPERON]
  Control system
   Alarm system and safety devices
 Functions for setting double passwords to prevent access or control except administrators
 Data locking function
  Alarm system and safety devices
 Alarm for filter cleaning period (Warm Condenser alarm)
 Alarm for high/low temperature of sight and auditory
 Equipped with pressure switch
 Equipped with overheating prevention switch
 Auto return system after blackout
   Cryogenic Freezer (Cryo freezer)
Model CFQ-150 CFQ-152 CFQ-156 CFQ-232 CFQ-300
External size
W1614 x D890 x H1105 W1614 x D890 x H1105 W1614 x D890 x H1105 W1676 x D890 x H1105 W2170 x D900 x H1065
Internal size
W600 x D400 x H600 W600 x D400 x H600 W600 x D400 x H600 W770 x D460 x H665 W1050 x D470 x H610
Range for usage -90°C ~ -150°C -95°C ~ -152°C -100°C ~ -156°C -90°C ~ -156°C -80°C ~ -140°C
Inside measurement 144L 235L 300L
Electric capacity Capacity necessary for installment AC220V 380V 3ph (50/60Hz)
Weight 380Kg 450Kg
Options   Rack / Box / LN2 Backup system / LCD touch screen with SD card(or USB) - Basic -1channel (sensor 3channel, 6channel options) / U-system (remote alarm system and wireless control system – telecommunication subscription needed / Automatic voltage regulator / Cryogenic gloves / Battery backup (Control panel and alarm) / Recorder / VIP